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More than 79,007,940 people are looking forward to Obama’s Last Day… are you?

Change Is Coming!

On 01.20.17 this country will have a new President. On inauguration day 01.20.17 as we say goodbye to President Obama, we will begin a new chapter in our nation’s history.

Our Obama’s Last Day hats, Obama’s Last Day tee shirts, Obama’s Last Day stickers and Obama’s Last Day buttons call out that Change Is Coming! Think long and hard as the next campaign starts to heat up.

Everything comes to an end …more than 59,142,004 people did not vote for President Obama . What would that number be today?

The countdown to 01.20.17, the end of Barrack Obama’s term as President has started. Make sure that 01.20.17 marks the start of a new era… Join the countdown with an Obama’s Last Day 01.20.17™ Countdown Clock.