Barack Obama appears in NBA 2k17 game

One of users fulfilled a dream of the former U.S. President, having made him the professional basketball player.

On YouTube channel NykeFaller video in which it is shown fashion with Barack Obama was posted. The model of the former American president was added to the single-user NBA 2K17 mode.

In life Barack Obama loves basketball, but very badly plays it.

Besides, in the single career mode of a game the character is nicknamed by Prez.

The other day the Internet was flown by photos of the having a rest Barack Obama – the former U.S. President after the termination of the term at this position decided to devote a little time to himself and the family. However, fans of video games already managed to pick up to it a new profession – turned Obama into the professional basketball player and now he with might and main gives tanks in NBA 2K17.

How Barack Obama fulfilled the dream and became video the pro-basketball player the youtuber of NykeFaller which added model of the former U.S. President to the single player NBA 2K17 mode published. 2 moments are especially amusing here: in life Obama loves basketball, but very badly plays it, and in the single career NBA 2K17 mode your character is nicknamed surely by “Prez” so Obama’s appearance in a game looks very organically.