Obama in 2018: travels, buys houses, enjoying family time and gets in to movie producing

There passed about one and a half years since Barack Obama delegated powers the U.S. President Donald Trump. So, he became the fifth living president of America who retired together with Bush Sr., Clinton, Carter and Bush Jr. While his predecessors already crossed a boundary for 70, Obama only 57 years. We decided to find out, then the first black U.S. President and the man in the blossoming of forces is engaged after reins of government were accepted by Trump.

Gets enough sleep

Barack Obama at last is a lot of and sleeps tight. For BBC Radio 4 which was taken from the former president by prince Harry Barack admitted an interview that his life after resignation strongly changed. For example, now he can sleep, speak nearly an hour in a bed with the wife, is quiet have breakfast and start the affairs. While life of the president is painted on minutes.

Buys mansions

In 2016 Barack and Michel rented the mansion near the Kalorama park which is in 15 minutes of driving from the White House. Probably, Obama was not bored by a landscape, and in 2017 they with the wife after all bought this house nearly 800 square meters. In the territory of the mansion there are a garden and a kitchen garden in which Michele who improved the territory of the White House during Barack’s presidency likes to work. And neighbors at Obama interesting – 28 embassies and even office of the attache concerning defense of Embassy of the Russian Federation in the USA.


If you think that nobody travels more, than the president of any state visiting every other day all possible countries with diplomatic visits, then look at the track record of Obama after resignation. Everything began with rest in Polynesia on the island belonging to his friend billionaire Richard Branson where Barack was engaged in kitesurfing, surprising all with the physical shape. Then he visited Great Britain, Germany, Scotland, Italy, the Republic of South Africa, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand and on Bali. These are not all countries in which Obama was marked out for the last one and a half years.

Sees off the daughter in college

Also cries. Yes, Barack Obama is so sentimental father who, watching growing of daughters, cannot constrain tears on public. Malia Obama is Michele and Barack oldest daughter – came in 2017 to Harvard. On dedication in students (the ceremony reminding delivery of student ID cards in the Moscow higher education institutions) Barack did not manage to check emotions. “I was very proud that did not burst into tears directly in the face of the daughter. But when the ceremony already ended and we went to the car, the staff of intelligence agencies tried not to turn around on me, pretending that they do not hear my sobbing”.

Is engaged in producing

Barack and Michelle Obama signed the cooperation agreement with Netflix channel. They will be engaged in producing of documentary and fiction films and series for streaming service. Netflix also confirmed that periodically former U.S. President and his spouse will appear also in a shot, as guests or moderators of various TV shows.