Obama loves to wear basketball socks every day

President Obama is a huge fan of basketball and in one interview he said that he loves to wear basketball socks even if he is not playing basketball. It was kind of a surprise but we decided to ask ourselves if the stocks for basketball are really that comfortable to wear in everyday activities?

With all the foot protection the socks give it’s hard to tell if it’s good to wear them every day. But we have tried that by picking a pair from best rated socks and we have to admit that we didn’t felt any difference wearing basketball socks or regular ones. However, if you a planning to walk a lot during the day than getting on a pair of basketball socks is good. They can keep your foot protected and of course it rests better if you walk a lot. It’s interesting concept that you would never think of but it’s nice to have that feeling on your feet. Socks were soft and felt comfortable even in a ordinary shoes or sneakers.

nike elite obama custom sock

Obama once said that he wears special socks while he plays golf? Guess what socks he meant? Not for golf, he said he wore basketball socks and it’s he does this for golfing because they are more comfortable for him.

Nike even made a custom socks in Nike Elite series for Obama. Probably it’s because of Obama’s basketball love, but who knows, maybe he wears these during his day.

Presently the basketball fashion gradually comes to new level. To correspond to modern criteria of style of the basketball player, one brand new sneakers are already not enough. The special role was got in recent years by socks and difficult, and socks basketball. To desired number Air Jordan sneakers not to have Jourdan’s socks today it is considered bad manners.

The fact of promoting of specialized socks for basketball is confirmed by emergence all of new and new firms on production of the most different models of socks. Of course, leaders in this area are socks basketball Nike or Jordan socks, however the range is constantly expanded also by other brands. It should be noted that in 2015 Nike developed new technologies for basketball socks thanks to which there was an opportunity to apply absolutely boundless number of prints on a sock surface. Therefore, everyone is capable to find and buy socks basketball, corresponding to own needs.